Basic Resources AG and YALTA advisory GmbH identify, finance and advise basic material and emerging markets companies that excel with a sustainable business concept and proven growth perspective.
The investment policy centres the focus on the basic material sector. The world´s continuously rising demand for any kind of basic materials, feeded by population increase, and the dynamic economic development of emerging markets will obviously put the focus more and more on the basic material sector. Basic Resources AG and YALTA advisory GmbH use the developments and act as a promoter and solution provider for the capital market´s different stakeholders.
Our main focus is on two core businesses: direct investments and capital market consulting. This dual approach combines principal returns with fee income.
The management and supervisory board of Basic Resources AG combine a diverse mix of unparalleled experience in the international financial services sector and business management. Our collective skillset and professional expertise includes investment banking services, industry, fund raising, corporate restructuring and investor relationship management.
Our success builds upon established industry networks and prime relationships at senior corporate and political levels with first class partners.
The daily dialog with the investor community is exerting a permanent impulse.
Basic Resources AG and YALTA advisory GmbH are operating in the interest of clients and shareholders. Therefore systematically advancement, innovation and ethical behavior are fundamentals in our procedure.