Basic Resources AG prepares the listing of Auris AG

Frankfurt am Main, 07th February 2011

Basic Resources AG (former Yalta AG) has signed through the 100 %-owned subsidiary YALTA advisory GmbH a comprehensive consultancy contract with the Auris AG Basel (Switzerland), which includes advice on an IPO in Frankfurt Open Market. This includes the preparation of a prospectus and coordination with relevant partners, as well as the selection of an accompaned  banking partner. The BaFin-compliant securities propect is in the review process at BaFin at the moment.

About Auris AG

Auris AG, Switzerland, is a holding company, which is specialized in the development of gold deposits. Through the 100 %-owned subsidiary Auris Congo SPRL extensive licenses are held in the major gold belt in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This area is considered by geologists as one of the world's last great gold belt. Although gold prospectors and small companies obtained in this area for generations, but only through the exploration license areas of Moto Gold Mines Ltd. the geological model of this region was understand. Moto Gold Mines Ltd. has discovered a deposit of at least 22 million ounces of gold. The company was accepted in the 1st Mid-year 2009 by a consortium of Anglo Gold Ltd. and Randgold Resources Ltd. A run of exploration licenses began in this new gold belt after that.

Auris has 10 consecutive blocks of licenses with a total of 3247 km2 (=324.700 ha) in this gold belt, which are known as the Pangoy area. Numerous gold deposits are on the license area of Auris AG. This area is currently being investigated systematically in order to define the extent of the deposits.

About Basic Resources AG

Basic Resources AG, Frankfurt am Main, and ist service-oriented subsidiary YALTA advisory GmbH, advise small- and mid-cap enterprises from the resources sector and  related industries in regard to financeing issues, capital market consulting, corporate structuring, M&A transactions and corporate communications. In addition Basic Resources AG bases on a worldwide network of industry experts, who are drawn as needed for individual projects ad hoc.

Frankfurt am Main, 07th February 2011

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