Information about the name change of Yalta AG into Basic Resources AG

Frankfurt am Main, 25th March 2011

At the last general meeting of Yalta AG on 25th  October 2010, the name change of Yalta AG into Basic Resources AG (TSX: A0JC0X) was decided. Detailed reasons for this step were given at the meeting. The name change has now been registered in the Commercial Register.

As requested by individual shareholders, who could not attend the annual general meeting on 25th October 2010, we here like to take up the arguments for the focus and name change again.

The focus of Yalta AG was in advising companies from emerging markets in terms of capital raising, preparation and IPOs, help in finding cooperation partners and advice on corporate communications (marketing, self-presentation, corporate news). In addition, Yalta AG also invested some of their equity in these companies. Companies in fields of raw materials and energy are particularly important in emerging markets. After many countries in the emerging markets have expanded over natural resources, which now form a strong driving force.

Globalization of markets, coupled with the extensive opening of most countries for foreign investors, has set enormous capital flows in motion. These are accompanied by an unprecedented know-how transfer. The result is a sustainable growth in the populous countries of Asia and Latin America, as well as already in some countries of Africa. Today more than 4 billion of nearly 7 billion people worldwide live in these rapidly growing economies. And growth means an increasing demand for energy and raw materials. This gives the resource sector a new strategic importance in business and politics. Rising commodity prices now dominate the discussions in these circles, but also increasingly in the investment community.

Many engagements and contacts of Yalta AG are based on companies in this sector. Yalta AG has established a broad network here. The Management and Supervisory Board have decided to focus on this sector to make their own services more efficiently. This has been documented with the name change to Basic Resources AG. Particularly in light of the international relations of the society the english form of the name was chosen to put across the concept for contact partners from other linguistic areas.

Basic Resources AG is currently creating a permanent team of consultants who can be involved for advice depending on the commodity segment. Through the capital increase
in 2010 first commitments in promising small resource companies were received, which are likely to result from a variety of service activities by our company. Beyond that, integrated concepts are already starting to bear fruit, in one part to participate of interesting projects, of the other to use resulting additional contacts for other business areas of Basic Resources AG and its subsidiary YALTA advisory GmbH, which are:

- Listing advice
- M & A
- Corporate Structuring
- Investors Relations

Thereby, as already reported, it was able to conclude appropriate consulting contracts for a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the exploration company Auris AG from Switzerland by YALTA advisory GmbH. The listing is imminent. Auris AG could safe huge license areas of approx. 325,000 hectares in the world's known gold belt back in eastern Congo. We are located in negotiations with other companies in areas of raw materials and energy regarding listings.

Meanwhile, the question of securing raw materials has also been brought up by the current federal government. Similarly, the members of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and other business organizations have become alarmed about the future raw material supply for the German economy. Basic Resources AG has therefore also set itself the target of providing its know-how and contacts available for German companies. First contacts were taken already.

The Board
Frankfurt am Main, 24.3.2011