Basic Resources AG applies a rigorous and disciplined investment approach, which is based on identifying undervalued companies with high expected or already documented reserves or/ and strong expansion-/ efficiency prospects.

There is absolutely no compromise on quality. We apply precise analytical tools and base our investment decisions on fundamental principles of due diligence.

Essential for us is a capable and experienced management team with a proven track record and entrepreneurial vision.  

Due to our vast international experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we are particularly keen on investments and quality clients in mining and exploration companies worldwide, as well as companies for Eastern Europe, like Ukraine for example, and Asia. The strong dynamic especially in the so called emerging markets shows a rising need in energy and basic materials. As more and more countries, especially the developing ones, are concurrently opening the mining sector for foreign investors and setting besides also legitimate solid basic conditions, excellent exceptional situations are arising for the investor. Our preferred investment horizon ranges regularly medium- to long-termed.
Basic Resources AG and YALTA advisory GmbH are partners for basic material companies as well as for local public authorities and governments, as the investment of the Basic Resources AG is attended by advice of the corresponding addresses in many cases. Here we are also agents to financial and strategical investors.